Top 5 Brands with Best Emarketing Strategies in Malaysia

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The impact that the wave of COVID-related lockdowns had on businesses is still quite evident, even though it may seem like a distant memory: they are now forced to have a presence in the digital sphere. As a result, digital marketing has changed from a potential afterthought to a requirement for any organisation.

Utilizing various marketing channels, such as social media, website advertisements, or email marketing, is part of your digital marketing strategy. Your digital marketing strategy includes your choice of channels, your approach, and the kind of material you create.



There is no letting up when it comes to Netflix’s marketing approach; this company is constantly up to date on the hottest series, fashions, and memes. With 140 million customers globally and a constantly expanding audience, Netflix leads the industry in terms of customer loyalty.

How does Netflix maintain viewers’ interest? It becomes intimate.

Marketing that is personalised is a good method to stand out from the crowd. In fact, 91% of customers claim that they are more likely to interact with companies that make offers specifically to them. Netflix not only perfectly personalises, but it also doesn’t put too much pressure on its users.



With over 150 million active users and a sizable community of both renters and hosts, Airbnb is one of the most well-known brands in the travel sector. Building trust has been the cornerstone to Airbnb’s success, which has mostly been accomplished through social influencer marketing.

Given the number of celebrities that use the social media site themselves, Instagram, which has 1 billion active monthly users, is perfect for influencer marketing.

In order to create buzz and increase brand recognition, Airbnb has partnered with numerous well-known figures. The first of many influencer posts for the travel company’s Instagram account was published by Mariah Carey in 2015, when she posted a photo of herself in an Airbnb apartment and received over 45,000 likes.



No one enjoys FOMO (fear of missing out), so if you can make your clients feel a sense of urgency, it’s a terrific approach to ensure that they take advantage of possibilities that they may otherwise pass over and then forget about.

It’s quite uncommon for a business’s business plan to not include any time-based components. Most businesses can come up with something that will excite potential customers, whether it be sales, limited supply, or a special deal. See an illustration from Starbucks below that promotes a special deal on a seasonal beverage.



Do the industry titans of sportswear simply do it when it comes to marketing? No, Nike gives its digital ads a lot of thought and care. Over the years, it has created some fantastic commercials, but one of our latest favourites featured an AI (artificial intelligence) bot.

In order to advertise its Jordan brand, Nike teamed with Snaps, Facebook Messenger’s chatbot platform, in 2018. The bot’s objective was to send Facebook Messenger messages to Nike’s fans with the most recent Jordan blog, newsletter, and website material.



Although it’s not always easy sailing, Innocent has experienced some positive effects from its astute digital marketing tactics. The smoothie brand, which Coca-Cola acquired in 2013, has gained notoriety for its extremely engaging, original, and timely content.

In order to raise awareness and encourage customer involvement, Innocent uses interactive media, such as quizzes, questions, and competitions. One of our favourite examples is this “blue-o-meter” from 2019 that deftly transformed the January occurrence known as Blue Monday into a humorous, shareable piece of content.


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